What is Ohtisii?

Ohtisii was launched in 2023 with a handful of earring designs directly inspired by beading of Molly Apsassin. Today, Ohtisii is an emerging lifestyle and luxury brand dedicated to crafting truly unique and elevated products. We are an artistic exploration of old and new, of diverse natural elements, and of innovative story telling.

These elements define our guiding principles - and how we approach re-imagining everything around us.

Discover - Ohtisii
Discover - Ohtisii

Authentic & meaningful stories

Accessories inspired by, and that represent, empower, and memorialize the stories of the Dane-zaa.

Crossroads of old & new

Truly unique designs that blend traditional motifs of florals and natural inspired artwork with contemporary ideals of minimalism.

Spectacular ingredients

A constant search for better and better ingredients - from a growing concentration of precious metals to unheard of natural materials.

How Ohtisii began

Ohtisii began when Kashtin Apsassin first saw the intersection of how luxury and fashion could serve as a tool to immortalize, memorialize, and elevate the artwork of the Dane-zaa.

Kashtin grew up only knowing the stories and artwork of his grandmother - and with an increasingly modern world, this artwork deserved to be elevated and honoured - so he set out to made a couple designs based on Molly Apsassin’s beadwork for his girlfriend. Immediately upon seeing that earrings and accessories with this story, these materials, and this form existed nowhere else, Ohtisii was born.

Discover - Ohtisii

First Steps

We started selling at local markets in Edmonton - talking directly with people who were close and cared about what we cared about. In time, we found our people - and we found the time to share as well as listen.

The stories, the journies involved - they’re all very real. They are so very empowering.

Discover - Ohtisii

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